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In Indian climatic condition air conditioner are mostly used extensively in summer. In other seasons, except winter, air conditioner needs to be used to avoid humidity. People use air conditioner of various brands such as Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, Onida, Blue star, Hitachi etc. The utility of household machines such as air conditioner is such that people cannot tolerate a moment without these machines.

Why should you depend on our experts for AC repair?

Many times we attempt to rectify faults in our air conditioner ourselves. Lots of risks are involved while working with electric appliances. Secondly you will need to handle heavy load. Unaccustomed and inexperience may cause injury. It has also been studied that the people who attempt to rectify themselves land in much higher cost compared to that charged by the experts. The expert repair service providers are proficient in all the brands mentioned above. They are well trained and highly experienced & can solve the issue faster.

When should you call experts?

Your air conditioner will show symptoms of malfunctioning. If you are alert and are able to take timely actions, it is possible to save your air conditioner from extensive damages.

If the AC does not start you may check for the faulty electrical outlet or tripped breaker. If nothing abnormal is found you shall have to call your expert.

When your air conditioner is not cooling the room and generating warm air you need expert advice. It is advisable to immediately put off the air conditioner.

Sometimes your AC is found to leak excessive water which is more than normal. You must call the repair service provider.

If the air conditioner of your room shows excessive formation of ice both inside and outside it is not a good sign.

When your air conditioner produce bad odor or you find spark and smoke you should immediately put off the air conditioner

The points mentioned above are few of the first hand indications when you are required to unplug your AC from the electrical circuit and seek expert advice. Never try to dismantle your air conditioner. You would damage the machine. Handling the air conditioner is an intricate job and only the persons well trained in the trade can do justice to the repair work. You may unnecessarily injure yourself causing further embarrassment to you and your family.

Our tech have over 20 years of experience with most major AC manufacturers. They use genuine parts. They are extremely cooperative and explain the exact details of the fault. In most of the cases your air conditioner can be rectified in situ. They may dismantle the air conditioner for cleaning purposes. You may have to provide them source of water for cleaning the filter and other interiors. They know how to protect the electronic parts and accordingly cover all the vulnerable parts so that water cannot damage the parts. In rare cases they may need to shift your air conditioner to their workshop.

So go ahead and call them to take care of your air conditioners.