Washing Machine Maintenance

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In most of the households today both the husband and the wife are working. They have to depend on machines to accomplish their day to day works of the family lives. In this way various electro-mechanical devices like refrigerator, washing machine, television set, ovens etc have become a part and parcel of our lives. Though the machines help us a lot but at times the machines put us in a precarious situation. Do you know that in most cases you can save your money by troubleshooting petty problems of your washing machine using common sense?

Common issues in washing machines

In the present economic scenario we are desperately busy meeting our working responsibilities. We hardly get any time to sit and coolly analyze simple problems occurring in the washing machine. Instead we are eager to look for experts who can help us out of the problem immediately. If we make ourselves aware of some simple causes of stoppages of the washing machine, we can easily and quickly solve some of the issues.

The washing machine not starting

It happens many times when the washing machine simply does not start. In our hurry we become panicky. Just cool down and look for electrical outlet. It is possible that the outlet is wrong. Check it by connecting to other appliances such as mobile or electric press. If the outlet is found to be defective just change over to some other working outlet. There may be no power to your house or to the circuit connecting the outlet. Check for the tripping of the circuit breaker. You can start your washing machine after resetting the breaker. If everything mentioned above is all right still the washing machine does not start, the fault may lie in non-compliance of the operating instruction. Our tech have over 20 years of experience with all reputable manufacturers, but before calling them you must go through the operating instructions. The reputable manufacturers of washing machine are LG, Videocon, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida, Godrej, IFB and Haier. In times of real trouble our experts are there to solve your problem and they are proficient in all such brands.

The common omissions of operating instruction

Many times troubles occur due to very simple omissions of operating instructions provided by the washing machine manufacturers. For example some washing machine is designed in such a way that it won’t start until the level of water reaches a particular marked level. Most machines shall not start agitating until the lid is securely closed. If you go through the operating instructions carefully during your leisure time and even note down some simple yet vulnerable points as remembrance, it is possible to run your machine smoothly without creating panic. In cases when in spite of such compliances and checks the machine does not start then you may need help of our experts.

Drainage issues in washing machine

The drainage can be a big issue jeopardizing your work. If you are able to systematically check the drainage lines, you can yourself solve the issue. The probable causes can be chocked outlet of the washing machine, chocked hose, washing machine line filter filled etc. These issues are slightly bigger and you may not be able to attend to. It is better to call DomBuff tech over phone or web and they are quick to attend to your problems.