TV Repair

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We provide professional repair service for  LED televisions. The repair services are provided by the experienced technicians who are trained on the LED televisions of all brands. As a business policy we ensure that only genuine spare parts are used in the repair services of LED (light emitting diodes) televisions. Our repair services are provided to all minor and major repair issues. We record the complaint number, repair issue and give an estimated time of repair to the client.

This system helps us to track the progress of the client complaint and make sure that repair is completed within the estimated time mentioned to the client by us. The clients must understand that Light Emitting Diode technology is a sophisticated technology and needs expert handling for safety of the LED television set.

The repair services from our service centre with LED experienced technicians ensure the longevity of the television set. We offer repair of LED TV . All problems such as picture problem, sound issues, blurring issues, etc. are tackled by the technicians with use of latest techniques & tools. Since our technicians are only working on the LED television sets, they understand the issue without detail discussion with the client. One look at the television set gives them a complete idea on an issue. We also organize a workshop on the regular basis to make our technicians aware of the latest technology & features of LED televisions so that they can handle all kind of repairs related to the LED technology. We also use latest tools and equipment to provide the repair services. Our experience and use of latest repair tools help us to provide the repair services in a short period of time.

Some of the issues in an LED are enumerated below:

  • No picture, but sound ok.
  • No sound, picture ok.
  • No power.
  • Front l.e.d. blinking.
  • Vertical lines on screen.
  • Intermittent power trip.
  • Some of the HDMI connections not working.